Getting Your Skin “Wedding Ready” | A “How To” Guide Written by a Pro Makeup Artist

This Blog Post is a “Guest Post” from our friend Makeup by Merry.  Merry lives and works out of the Toronto, Canada area and provides Professional Bridal and Wedding Party (Bridesmaids, Maid of Honor, Mother of the Bride, etc) Makeup up services for her Clients getting married in the Toronto Area.

Merry contacted us privately and was kind enough to write this guest post for us on “Getting Your Skin Wedding Ready.”  At Charlottesville Makeup Artist LLC, we are happy to provide another Make-up Artist’s perspective, aside from just our own so we were more than happy to “share” Merry’s article with our readers on our blog.  Please feel free to “COMMENT” on this article if you have any questions regarding this article or to share any other “tips and “tricks” with other Brides that you’ve learned in your quest for perfect Wedding Makeup!  We also encourage you to contact Merry if you are looking for Wedding Makeup or Bridal Makeup in the Toronto, Canada area!

Check out her article below:


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Getting Your Skin Wedding-Ready

Wedding, the most special day of an individual’s life that keeps a person almost on toes while making all sorts of preparations for the special day. Be it a bride or a groom, both possesses equal curiosity as well as eagerness as what would one wear on the very special day of one’s life. Whether to keep it simple or to make it extravagant, whether to wear a traditional outfit or to go for a classic type, which hairstyle to apply for and what kind of makeup one should go for. ‘N’ number of question crops into an individual’s mind and in such situation, if a person isn’t keeping well or isn’t having a glow on his or her face, then capturing the happy moments of lifetime can get awry.


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How to Get a Glowing Skin for Wedding?

Getting your skin wedding-ready can be made easy provided you take out at-least one month of time well in advance before the D-day. During this duration, experimentation can be done as it proves helpful to try various combinations of makeup for which trials can be taken at a nearby and trusted beauty salon. By taking several settings, the final look for the special day can be finalized by a person. Similarly, in order to get a glowing skin, various suitable cosmetics can be used to have a radiant look.


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If required, home based tricks can be applied as nothing is much better that having a natural scrub prepared out of fresh fruit’s pulp that can be utilized for a real good and effective facial. Things like preventing the intake of fatty foods such as excess oil, carbohydrates and starchy substances such as white rice or white bread can be avoided for few days. Instead, healthy foods such as seasonal fruits or freshly grown vegetables can be included in the diet such as plenty of sprouts.


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To have a lovely skin and to look beautiful in the wedding snaps, application of right kind beauty treatment can be tried. A good skin treatment not only proves helpful to clear the skin off but also helps to enhance the inner beauty. In market, variety of beauty treatments are offered by most of the beauty parlous or individuals working as wedding planners. By consulting them, right kind of skin treatment and makeup package can be taken as per one’s budget. It not only proves helpful to save time which is likely to get spent while making the wedding preparations but also helps to have a one-sided approach which in turn helps to avoid unnecessary chaos while getting ready for the D-day. Too many ideas can spoil the thing and hence it is really better to hand over self to a beauty expert as a professional knows much better that would appeal to us publicly.


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Things like having a home based peel off, application of a gentle exfoliation, honey, a good quality moisturizer for at least two weeks or so and few sittings in the parlor and spa can really helps to create wonders. However, care should be taken with respect to the ongoing season and accordingly; the cosmetics have to be selected to have a glowing skin for the wedding.

Author Bio:  Merry Carlos-Baguio is a makeup artist and hair stylist in Toronto. She also provides bridal makeup and wedding makeup services in Toronto.

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